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BlackFish  Have you ever heard of the orcas and people at SeaWorld. If you haven’t then you should watch BlckFish. This move is about Killer Whales and people. The movie is arguing that SeaWorld should let the Killer Whales free. There are some Orcas that have killed people. Like a Killer Whale named Tilikum. Tilikum killed three people. Tilikum was killing people because he was frustrated. But he was also like this because he was kept in a tank. All by himself with the lights off. So imagine being in a tank for a long for time and it being dark. Would you like it. I’m pretty sure you won’t so why would they. this is why the ones that they kept in captivity are like this. And I don’t think they should be kept there. They should be let free and live in the Ocean with their family. I liked this movie because it talks about letting the Orcas free.