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When my dog ran out the house 🐶

I unlock the door then unlock the other door. I open the door and I get a bag of groceries. Then I get another and another. And I bring them to the kitchen. As I’m walking toward the door I open it to get another bag but I hear my dogs footsteps his paws on the floor running towards me. I tried grabbing him but he zoomed right passed me. My sister seen and she ran after him. Then some of our friends from the neighborhood help us to grab him. And instead of my dog running away he ran back inside.

Thinking About What To Write About 🤔

I came into ELA and I looked at the do now on the board. And I had to write a blog post. So I sit down and I think about what to what to write about. I don’t know what to write about. Should I write about the time when I went to look for my page number and my book mark had fallen out. Or when my dog ran out of the house. Instead I wrote about the things that had crossed my mind about what to write about.

Red Scarf Girl🧣

     The book that I’m reading is called Red Scarf Girl. Some chapters are really good and interesting but sometimes the chapters get confusing or they leave with a cliff hanger. The book can be sad or something really good can happen then something has to ruins it.      The people that are in my book club is Sarah, Mia, Citlali and Andreia. I think we’re the best book club because our conversations about the book are very interesting and they’re long. Everybody in the book club participated and we all have something to say.                                                  

The Squirrels 🐿

I was walking to the bus stop and I noticed a squirrel on the tree. Then I notice another and another and another until there was about 6. I see them running down the tree toward the way I’m walking. So I stop walking. As Im standing there I’m thinking “What if these 6 squirrels attack me.... Why are they just staring at me??!” Finally I started walking again. And I walked faster because I didn’t want to get attacked by squirrels. Just like my sister has when she was 9.