The Squirrels 🐿

I was walking to the bus stop and I noticed a squirrel on the tree. Then I notice another and another and another until there was about 6. I see them running down the tree toward the way I’m walking. So I stop walking. As Im standing there I’m thinking “What if these 6 squirrels attack me.... Why are they just staring at me??!” Finally I started walking again. And I walked faster because I didn’t want to get attacked by squirrels. Just like my sister has when she was 9.


  1. I like the part when you mentioned your sister’s experience.

  2. I liked how you had some craft moves

  3. I like how you said how you were feeling

  4. I like how u were thinking about getting attacked by 6 small squirrels.

  5. I really liked your blog and the dialogue.

  6. Sarah said they were small squirrels, but even a pack of six small squirrels could be intimidating! They are of the rat family, not my fave!


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