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Pick a poem/ analyze it

A rose can never be a sunflower  And a sunflower can never be a rose All flowers are beautiful in there own way  And that’s like women too  I want to encourage women to embrace there own uniqness -Miranda Kerr  I think that this poem means that things can never pretend to be something there not  And that’s like women too that they should not act like something that they’re really not  And to be different and show people that you don’t have to be fake that you can be better

3 Positives of the week

The Week Something good that happened last week is I went to the movie theater and me and my family watched Overboard. And I also went to to a buffet with my family and others. Another positive of the week is that my sisters friend came over and me and my other sisters all played outside in the yard.

2 Original Poems

2 Original Poems Lions They’re brave and they sing They’re big and strong and walk like a king They don’t have any fears They walk confidently and Have no tears -Kimberly Royal Blue What comes to mind when you think of Royal Blue Do you think of the blue flowers in your shower Or do you think of the sky up high at night What comes to my mind is royalty The royal blue sea The night blue sky -Kimberly