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Greatest Achievement

Greatest Achievement My greatest Achievement was when me and my teammates Won the Championship for basketball LAST year. And we played yesterday.And me and my Teamates Won πŸ₯‡ the Championship THIS year Too for basketballπŸ€.  And a bad thing that happened to me was that I jammed my finger. Cause I was gonna catch the rebound then... the ball hit my finger like really hard. And now my finger is like greenish/blueish.BTW when I say yesterday I mean October 26. So yea I hoped you like my blog post.

Best day ever

The Best day ever  I have a lot of best days ever. Like when I made my little sister laugh for the first time. I was jumping on the bed and I had two pony tails. And I was like 5 or 6. But anyways I was jumping on the bed and my mom was carrying her. And when I was jumping she started to jump. Then my older sister joined me and we both made her laugh. Another best day ever was when my mom and dad told me and my other 3 sisters that my mom was going to have a baby. And then a couple months later we found out that it was a BOY!! Yea so it will be 4 girls and 1 boy. Unless you count my dog...Cause he’s a boy.πŸ˜… Another Best day was when me and my family went to Mexico. πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ It was so much fun. I meet some family members. And another best day ever was when we went to California. And while we were there we went to Santa Monica Beach. So I hope you liked my post, 😊