My Walk To The Hospital 🏥

I walked out of my school. Then I felt the strong wind come in after I opened the door. I was wondering where the hospital was and what was the fastes way there. I finally figured it out and I started walking. I felt the wind blowing in may hair. And I start walking faster. While I’m walking I start thinking why my brother was in the hospital. Did something really bad happened to him. While I’m walking I stop. And think do I go straight or do I make a right turn. I decided to turn right. Which later on I found out was a mistake because it just made the walk longer. Then I kept on walking but I made another wrong turn so I turned back and start walking again. Finally I see the hospital and walk in it. I felt the heat in the hospital it felt so nice coming in from outside where it was freezing. Once I’m in I walk to the front desk and tell theM my brothers name and they let me in. I seen my grandparents and I walk up to the. Later on I found out that my baby brother had gotten four stitches by the bottom of his eyebrow.


  1. I like how you gave a lot of detail of the weather and how you talked about everything going on inside your head.

  2. I agree with Citlali - including your thoughts and describing the walk was great writing!

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